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457(b) and 457(f) Plans - Introduction

Give your business clients a solution that will help them to recruit, reward and retain valuable key employees. The Executive 457(b) Retirement PlanSM and The Executive 457(f) Retirement PlanSM are offered exclusively for tax-exempt organizations. These organizations may offer nonqualified deferred compensation plans for a select group of highly compensated or management employees called the "Top Hat" group. Organizations can provide additional retirement plan benefits to the exempt group outside the restrictive eligibility, vesting and contribution limitations of ERISA.

These two plans for tax-exempt organizations can work independently or in conjunction with each other. The Executive 457(b) Retirement Plan allows contributions in excess of qualified plan limitations up to annual limits. The Executive 457(f) Plan allows the organization to make discretionary contributions in excess of qualified and 457(b) limitations.

As with all of our nonqualified executive benefit solutions, The Principal® provides you with a comprehensive package to market, design, sell and provide administrative services for this plan.

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For more information about The Executive 457(b) Retirement Plan or The Executive 457(f) Retirement Plan, as well as marketing materials available, see links at left.

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