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Buy-Sell Review - Introduction

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Buy-Sell Review is a free service from the Principal Financial Group® (The Principal®) that you can offer your business owner clients. It is important to review and update the funding provisions and business valuation formula of a buy-sell agreement to ensure it is effective and continues to meet the objectives of the business owner.

Our Advanced Solutions team will provide you with:

  • An informal valuation of the business.
  • A buy-sell review, including a summary of recommendations and any buy-sell funding needs.
    Note: Allow 15 business days from receipt of Request for Review (DD 2716) and all relevant information requested in sections 4 through 6.

View Buy-Sell Review overview (PDF: 410KB)

Request a Buy-Sell Review (PDF: 31KB)

For more information about buy-sell review, as well as marketing materials available, see links at left.