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Basic Short-Term Disability


Simple to sell and easy to enroll, Basic STD takes us back to the basics.

Basic STD is offered as an alternative to our standard short-term disability product.

It is meant to offer clients who don’t currently include disability in their benefit package the opportunity to do so at an affordable price with an easy-to-understand product.

Product specifics:

  • Only date of birth and gender are needed to quote
  • No salary or occupations are required
  • Available in employer-paid or voluntary options
  • Can provide meaningful income replacement
  • Cannot be sold with Principal Life new or existing LTD or STD
  • Cannot be sold in CA, HI, NJ, RI

This table shows the amounts that can be chosen for Basic STD, including a recommended design and the additional options.

  Maximum Weekly Benefit Elimination Period
The amount of time an employee must be disabled to begin receiving benefits.
Benefit Duration
The period of time benefits are payable.
Recommended Design $500
not to exceed
66 2/3% of salary*
1st day accident/8th day sickness 13 weeks
Additional Options Any amount

not to exceed 66 2/3% of salary*
8th day accident/8th day sickness
15th day accident/15th day sickness
26 weeks

*Billing per employee is based on the contracted maximum weekly benefit, regardless if that amount exceeds 66 2/3 of salary.

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Marketing Flier

  • Basic STD Flier (GP 60610)
    This flier gives a overview of the program and can be used with brokers and employers.
    View (PDF: 178KB) | Order

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